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Please direct your application by Mail to Chantelle / Lynn
Western Drug Distribution Center 17611 - 109A Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5S 2W4
Email: Customer Service

In our daily activities, we will CARE:

Conduct business with integrity, respect, and prudence, with sustainability in mind.

Abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the government bodies and veterinary associations in the jurisdictions within which we conduct business.

Recognize that our most important asset is our people.

Encourage innovation, initiative and teamwork throughout the organization.

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Western Drug Distribution Center Limited is committed to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

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Benefits as a Member of WDDC

You are not just a customer - you are an OWNER, which entitles you to many privileges such as voting rights, affinity programs as well as participating in any profits generated by your Center. After the $1,000 share is purchased or the option to buy down the share has been signed off your clinic is entitled to:


  • WDDC pays out annual dividends based on Members' purchases.


  • WDDC offers case lot discounts to its Members only


  • Annual instrument & equipment catalogs
  • New and discontinued product listing on-line
  • Vendor promotions on-line
  • Quarterly Newsletters and weekly FYI notices
  • On-line catalog updated every 7 minutes with up to the minute pricing, quantities, expiry dates, ETA’s and promotions
  • Links to supplier sites and 1-800 numbers
  • On-line compendium, CPS, companion animal formulary & SDS sheets
  • Custom order templates & purchase history reports
  • Invoices, statements & price tickets with barcodes


  • PracticeVantage™ - Practice Management & Inventory Tool
  • ClientVantage™ - eCommerce Solution for our Members
  • AdVantage™ - Advertising & Educational Visual Media Presentation Tool
  • E-Vantage™ - Electronic Pet Reminders & Video Production Service


  • TD Merchandising offering credit card fee discounts
  • Office supplies, furniture services and coffee room products
  • Insurance (corporate & personal)
  • Long distance business telephone discount
  • Discount courier rates (DHL & Purolator)
  • Office business forms, cards, and letterhead
  • Computer equipment and hardware
  • Inventory shelf labels and retail price tickets
  • Retail fixtures & shelving
  • Compounding services
  • Fuel discount programs
  • Dead drug & waste disposal programs
  • Equipment repair services
  • Instrument sharpening
  • Business equipment (printers & photocopiers)
  • Video production and social media services

Criteria for Application

Most importantly the applicant must be engaged in the active practice of Veterinary Medicine and must hold a license in good standing with the Veterinary Association in his/her province or territory of practice.
Balance of requirements are part of attached member / non-member application form.
As a non-member, your clinic can purchase from the Center. However you are not entitled to any of the above Member benefits.
For more information about WDDC or our products and Services please call toll free at 877-746-9332.

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